Once upon a time there was a French flower seller with her head in the clouds trying to figure out their essence. Since she held the Guinness record in losing all buses/trains/flights/any kind of transportation, she decided to find a magic recipe for more fortune. As it happens, on a Friday night a lady stork, while it was delivering a baby, saw a head in the clouds with a sign that said “looking for fortune”, so the stork decided to take it with her.

Meanwhile, in another world a Serbian girl was reading newspapers when she saw an ad “looking for the recipe for fortune”. Having vlach magic in her blood, she felt called to the rescue. She took her flying carpet and some cheese for the road.

Drinking his twelfth beer, a German guy found a message on the bottom of the bottle that said “looking for the farmer of fortune”. By chance it was on that day that he obtained his certificate in fortune farming. The twelve beers, like summoned by his scream, grouped under his feet and surfing, he went towards his fate.

After months of flying and surfing, the evil plan of the stork to bring everyone in Torre Pellice and put a spell on them worked out. While they were eating the cheese, the stork showed them the presentation of the powerpoint and explained them that, in order to break the spell, they had to create the great fortune together.

“But how?!” – they asked. The powerpoint didn’t help. So the stork wrote a karaoke song: “The only way to do this is to reach the far away city called Spinazzola where an amazing triumph awaits you. But! There is a trick: before you arrive, you have to do a thousand challenges and live the experience of the barefoot vagabonds.”

And the adventure begins…

P.s. Help us, don’t be shy!

Challenge them !
Défi de Sandra - 25€

Votre défi est de monter un spectacle de marionettes avec des vieilles chaussettes et de le filmer.

Preuve : vidéo 

Défi de Diego - 20€

Trovare un jukeboxe azionarlo su una canzone nostalgica da ballare scandalosamente a 3

Défi de Loic - 30€

J’aime l’art. J’ai eu vent que chacune des stations de la ligne 1 du métro de Naples était une oeuvre en elle-même.
Merci de me préparer un petit reportage photos des plus belles de ces stations en vous mettant en scène de manière artistique. Car j’aime l’art.





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