The Route des Défis was launched in June 2017. At that time, César had been living in Belgrade for some time and was looking to finance a documentary on the migration crisis in the Balkans.

At the same time, several Brussels friends who are passionate about travel want to go across Europe by hitchhiking.

We then imagine an original travel concept in order to raise funds for “Routes” and combine business with pleasure. The Route and the concept is developed around the issue of migrants; travelers will retrace the journey of thousands of migrants, from Brussels to Belgrade. On the road, they will take up challenges, sometimes humorous, which will be given to them by their families and friends. For each challenge succeeded, the defier will give an amount of money to the supported project.

The 2017 edition is a success; we collect 2.500 euros, paid in full to “Routes” and which will cover the production costs.

We are now seven people to organize La Route des Défis, the team is mainly based in Brussels.


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Born in an era of growing individualism, we belong to a generation marked by the desire to act on its scale on its environment. Based on the observation that countless good ideas are flourishing around the world, La Route des Défis aims to act as a catalyst for projects, thus allowing these good ideas to become reality.

We want to encourage citizens to take initiatives and become agents of the change they want to see in the world. We favor social, environmental and / or artistic projects because we firmly believe that these themes are essential to social change. We promote civic engagement, creativity and entrepreneurship.

Since money is often a major obstacle to making an idea a reality, La Route des Défis is committed to raising funds for elected projects. We collect donations from individuals and companies who sponsor our participants through challenges which are associated with a sum of money donated to the project when the challenge is met. We then donate all of the money raised through the challenges to the chosen project. Combining our interest in good ideas with our passion for travel, the Route des Défis combines business with pleasure.

Each year, La Route des Défis launch several teams on the roads of Europe with the objective of achieving a maximum of challenges. It is a real human adventure, a journey of initiation, to discover the incredible cultural diversity of our continent and its inhabitants. We encourage our participants to travel ethically, minimizing their ecological and tourist footprint by favoring hitchhiking, cycling and walking while respecting local cultures and traditions.

Through this adventure finely documented by our participants and our staff, we invite the defiers to travel alongside their favorite teams and to be the motivation.




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