Call for project 2020

“La Route Des Défis – Traveling for change” is a 100% voluntary project which aims to boost each year a project with a financial contribution thanks to an extraordinary human adventure.

Do you want to benefit from a financial boost for your association?

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Respond to our call for project for the 2020 edition of La Route des Défis


For its 3rd edition,  LA ROUTE DES DÉFIS  supports the “Casalina” project. Located in Puglia in the south of Italy, the Casalina farm is a project of the Brussels collective “Building Social Resilience”.

By rehabilitating this place, their objective is double: to promote sustainable agriculture by creating an area dedicated to heliciculture (cultivation of the snail). It is a regional tradition, low in CO2 emissions, and an important source of protein. In order to contribute to the social development of the region, they wish to involve migrant people in the management of the farm. They can therefore create links between migrants, residents and farmers by integrating them into the cooperative so that they can benefit from decent working conditions and a friendly and respectful place.


For its 2018 edition, La Route des Défis choose to support RJNR (pronounced “Regenerated” in Turkish). RJNR is an artistic and cultural project which aims to create a place of peace for artistic creation in the city of Cannakkale in Turkey, where young people can find inspiration and motivation to create and express themselves without constraints on contemporary issues of the world around them. Through various activities: performances, RJNR fanzines, debates, workshops, film screenings, sharing circle, reading group, artist residency, exchanges, exhibitions and events, RJNR aims to become a meeting place for young people of origins diverse wishing to share, explore and create together. All info on RJNR here .


“Routes” aims to change the perception of migrants, which is particularly negative and hostile in the discourse of the Western media, by bringing the migration crisis to the heart of public debate from a constructive angle. “Routes” is a documentary about three humanitarian workers from the Refugee Aid Serbia (RAS) association, who set off on the Balkan route, from Izmir to the heart of Europe, Brussels. The trip took place in August – September 2017.




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